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How is information ever going to filter down to the people on the ground dealing with patients? What´s the point of flying thousands of miles to listen to someone that you could see on youtube?  What would be the best way to engage people?  Why does networking still feel like sales with a glass of wine? Two weeks later why have you forgotten most of what you heard at the conference?

Someone once said “great events are like a revolutions for social change”.

The Gatherin is three day village of like minded individuals to break out and co-create innovative and impactful changes in future health and wellbeing.

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Claire Davies
Founder / Creative Impact

Energy coach and award winning architect designer specialized in branded experiences and innovation events

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Diego Fabra
Founder / Making it Happen

The bridge between the business and innovation.

Fundraiser and producer of flagship events across Europe.

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Christina Roosen
Founder / Connecting the Dots

Expert in Digital Health with a stubborn passion for improving health & care in a social & ethical manner.

Organised dozens of Health conferences.

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 00 34 609 788 785