Exploring a person-centred view of healthcare, from the home.

How we can support a better lifestyle to prevent and treat chronic disease and ensure better aging? Critically we´ll be looking at personal empowerment, social isolation and aging. You will also take place in specific workshops about prevention, specially designed to empower and strengthen the individual, to improve quality of life. These are fun, hands on and an eye opener. We will share the numbers saved in prevention, give actionable techniques and tools. Meet world leaders in prevention and collect a prevention framework to take home.


Is patient driven consumer technology the future?

We believe more and more care will gravitate to the home and mobile, as technology integrates seamlessly into lifestyles and people start to connect remotely to hospitals and care centres from their own homes. We´ll be hearing first hand how health technology in the home can radically improve quality of life, cut costs and connect care professionals to families. Real people´s stories. We are bringing the newest and the best, we want you to try it out for yourselves and get excited by the possibilities at hand. Hear how colleagues from around the globe are using technology to empower patients from home. The world’s top futurists will also be joining us to give you a head start on what is around the corner in the very near future for health. Why are mayor tech companies all investing in consumer health? What are you missing out on?


How can we improve the way the system works together?

Calling all systems busters! In the face of the increasing incidence of chronic disease and an ageing population, traditional systems are on the verge on bankruptcy and increasingly out of date. Doing more of the same is not an option – we must do things differently. We need to focus on the whole healthcare system and take a holistic view focusing on prevention in order to deliver better outcomes. Consequently antiquated economic models also carry antiquated mindset models.

New ways of working require new ways of thinking, we´ll be challenging preconceptions. We´ll be hosting designing thinking workshops, creative thinking and innovation labs where patients, clinicians, nurses, entrepreneurs can dare to co-create some new thought processes. We´ll also be sharing case studies, practical, do-able examples from people all around Europe who are making it happen and have managed to smash down the walls and hack the system and create new working models that challenge traditional roles models.


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